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A secure supply of chemical lithium hydroxide

Our strategic partnerships underpin our success, from allowing us to tie up a supply of raw materials to offering security of supply for our downstream customers.
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As it currently stands, the UK and EU lack the infrastructure to meet demand

But where there is risk, there is also significant potential. Key to our strategy is flexibility, both in our partnerships and at either end of our supply chain. This means decades of opportunity without depending on any single mine or any single cell producer.

We're also circular and sustainable, making us a sound choice for forward-thinking investors.

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Lithium Hydroxide chemical

The right supply chain partnerships will help shape the future of lithium

We have unique intrinsic value in the fact that we can offer flexibility. Our primary feed material is spodumene concentrate although we have the optionality to accept a range of different mineral feed types and mid-stream products.

It's our goal to reduce our emissions and achieve a circular economy in our processes. If you're a supplier who shares the same vision, we'd love to have a conversation with you.

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We can produce different battery-grade lithium chemical products to meet dynamic end market needs.

We're on track to be producing 50,000 tonnes per annum of low-carbon, localised, battery-grade lithium chemicals from mid-way through the decade. This target coincides with the expected introduction of carbon tariffs and battery regulations for battery and car manufacturers.

If you are interested in the offtake of specific lithium chemicals please get in touch.

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A low-carbon refining process with marketable co-products.

We are working with market leaders in the mineral recycling industry to develop our co-product into decarbonised materials for the circular economy.

Our process improves on the traditional method of lithium refining to produce co-products that are non-environmentally degrading. Our offtake, therefore, has a potential market value and we are developing products to be used within the circular economy.

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