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Lithium chemicals are going to change the world and how we live

Achieving a vision such as ours requires a clear focus, meticulous planning and tangible milestones.

Our Values


Purpose led to leave our planet in a better place

One Team

Collaborative, transparent approach – including partners – showing trust, respect and care to optimise the value of our diversity to deliver together


A culture of safety, quality and wellbeing, consistently doing what we say we are going to do


Leading the energy transition by being informed and responding to our environment


Continuous improvement to deliver enhanced outcomes for our customers

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We're the Future of UK green energy

As a flexible merchant lithium refiner we're not dependent on any single mine or any single cell producer.

This is part of our strategy to continue to be as flexible and dynamic as possible. It will also ensure supply chain security as the demand for electric vehicles in the UK and Europe continues to grow at an unprecedented pace.

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As an early mover, we've progressed

With clear goals, execution-focused leadership and expert partners, we've moved rapidly in a short space of time.

Since sustainably producing battery-grade lithium under lab conditions, our project has gained major momentum. In a short space of time, we've achieved significant milestones, including executive appointments and strategic partnerships.

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We have an exceptional team

We continue to attract the best possible talent and expert partners.

Our staff have combined decades of experience working for some of the best organisations around. Each with a proven track record in their respective field, they have the expertise to deliver a world-class project.

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