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Green Lithium is set to significantly expand its team


London, United Kingdom – Monday 15 April 2024

Green Lithium is set to significantly expand its team as it moves forward to build and run the UK's first lithium refinery. Lyndsey Culey has been appointed as Talent and Development Manager

Green Lithium is going through an exciting period of growth and helping us to deliver that is Lyndsey Culey, who has joined us as Talent and Development Manager.

Lyndsey has significant Talent Acquisition experience from large global companies such as Siemens and AkzoNobel and comes with a wealth of knowledge both in relation to sourcing niche talent and implementing hiring strategies, as well as leading value add projects and teams. She complements that with time spent as Head of Talent Acquisition at Turntide, an agile green tech engineering/technology start up company making her a great fit for Green Lithium.

We are very happy to have Lyndsey join us and can't wait to see the accomplishments she will achieve in her role at Green Lithium!

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