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Understanding Investments - FCA Retail Compliance

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Although Green Lithium is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) , it is important we ensure that you understand the risks associated with investing in start-ups.

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For this assessment, assume that a ‘scale-up’ means a small, often newly established, privately owned business looking to expand.

Understanding Investments

What happens to most scale-ups? *
What happens if the start-up I invest in fails? *
Will I be able to get my money back whenever I wish? *
Do start-ups pay dividends? *
What happens if I invest and the company is successful and I want to sell my shares? *
What will happen to the level of your shareholding if a company issues more shares in future after you invest? *
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Your knowledge and experience

Have you invested in a start-up, early stage or growth business more than once in the last two years? This could be through crowdfunding platforms, directly, as part of a syndicate or a fund. *
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I have calculated my ability to bear the loss of capital invested. This can be done using external company Crowdcube’s calculator.